Happy Mother’s Day from Younger Partners

Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood; it is a time to appreciate mothers and mother figures. This year, we asked our team to share their special moments with their mothers as we honor the mothers in our lives. #TogetherWeCelebrate #TogetherWeRemember #MothersDay

YP co-founder Moody Younger with his mom, Leora, at a family gathering.

YP broker Bob Helterbran and his late mother on her and dad’s 54th wedding anniversary, Jan. 15, 2000. “Most of the immediate family came in to celebrate with my parents. My beautiful & loving mother, Lola Katherine Helterbran, died on February 5, 2017 at 89 years of age. Though mother was small in stature, she was an enormous figure within our family and group of close friends. Mother told me “the most important thing in life is family, so (no matter what) always try and keep the family together” … I TRY, but, SHE actually did it, and incredibly well. I miss her terribly,” Bob says.

YP’s Stacy Coulter and her mom, Paula Wojtek. This photo was taken a couple of years in Dallas. Stacy says one of her favorite mom memories is “talking Pig Latin in public places and watching people’s expressions.”

YP broker Don Plunk (far right) with most of the 10 children in the family celebrating his mother’s birthday. “Minnie Lou Fuston Plunk married my dad at age 16. She was from a large family as her dad’s first wife died after 6 children and he then had six more with my mom’s mother. They lived on a cotton farm in East Texas. When I was born (her 12th birth – two were still-born), we lived on a tenant farm (sometimes called sharecroppers) near Emory, Texas (southeast of Greenville). My mother and al; of the older children were expected to pick cotton – fortunately we moved to town before I was old enough to pick. While they were all out picking cotton, I was left on a quilt pallet under the house (which set up on supports about 3 feet high) and our German shepherd was left to watch me. (if I moved too far or cried, he would bark and one of my sisters would come to see what was the matter). Her favorite TV show was Art Linkletter and she was always certain that she was going to win one of his prizes. One of her best stories had to do with a driving trip to Sweetwater in West Texas to visit her brother and the old borrowed 1917 Ford Model T broke one of its wooden wheels and, since the road always paralleled the railroad track, a work train came along and they actually stopped and helped my dad change the wheel,” Don recalls.

YP broker Nan Li and her mother, Yanwei Liu, snapped in Beijing in June 2016 a few days before her mother’s operation. “My mom has been fighting with cancer since then. She is the most optimistic, brave and strong person that I have ever known! Now she is in good health with many more happy Mother’s days to come,” Nan says.

YP broker Tom Grunnah and mom, Judy Grunnah. Tom describes his late mother as a fun, lively, straightforward character and an overall wonderful woman.

YP’s Autumn Stallings with her mom, Patty Niven, and her brother. Autumn was about 6 or 7 when this pooh was snapped. She says her mother always puts herself before others and is very giving.

YP marketing guru Britnai Stegall and her mother, Carol Stegall. This pic was snapped at Britnai’s grandparents’ home in Fort Worth when she was about 18 months old. Britnai says she always wanted to be held by her mom. “Even at my cousins’ birthday parties, I wanted to be close to her,” she says.

YP broker Carter Crow (bottom right) with a family picture snapped last month including his mother, brother, and her five grandchildren. He calls this picture “A Flock of Crows.”

YP admin Felecia Miskell and her mother, Shirley, who recently passed away. “This is one of those memories where I need five more minutes with my mom,” she says. Here, Felecia is acting as her mother’s chauffeur at her daughter’s wedding.

YP broker Jack Gail with his mom, Sheri Gail, in February 2017 at TCU Baseball Stadium during Parents Weekend.

YP admin Lacey Queen (far right) with her sister, Summer, and mom, Brenda on Sept. 27, 2017, while celebrating mom’s birthday at Kenny’s Italian Kitchen.

YP broker Tanja Ivandic and her mother, Branka, at a family wedding. Tanja says her mother is her courage, regardless of what the circumstances are. “Every once of me knows that she is always by my side. She is my rock,” Tanja says.

YP communications manager Tonie Auer, and her mother, the late Patsy Miller, at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston in the mid-1970s. “As a childhood cancer patient, my mom was always there for me. She was my advocate and my comfort. She held my hand through treatments and lived with me in the hospital. She was my strength and she’s why I’m still alive today. She passed away in March 2013 and my life has never been the same,” Tonie says.

YP co-founder Kathy Permenter with her mom, Laura Sperry at her mom’s birthday celebration in 2016 at Bugatti’s Restaurant.

YP property manager Rochelle Chelette and her mom, Dorothy Phillips, at her parents’ house on Thanksgiving 2013. “Most days I call her on my way home from work and we talk the entire drive about anything and everything,” Rochelle says.

YP broker Lew Wood (the little guy on the right) with his brother, Mike, and his mother, America, in Ancon, Panama, right outside Panama City. “I was nine months old. Mother was a Panamanian national when she met my father in the Panama Canal Zone ( a US Navy Veteran of WWII). I lived in the Canal Zone for 8 years before coming to the United States. I was born in the Canal Zone (a U.S. possession), therefore a U.S., citizen at birth,” he says. He arrived in New York City as a boy after a five-day journey by sea.