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Dan Wrenn




Dan is an Associate at Younger Partners, and his journey in the real estate industry began in March 2020. Right from the start, Dan showcased a sharp analytical mind and an unwavering passion for real estate. His initial responsibilities included meticulously crafting comprehensive market studies, conducting rigorous financial analyses, generating detailed mapping reports, and compiling invaluable demographic and tracking data to support Younger Partners’ esteemed brokers and discerning clients. Day after day, Dan consistently delivered these essential insights, quickly becoming an indispensable asset to the team.

Over time, Dan has evolved into a trusted partner for property owners, investors, and developers alike. He relishes the challenge of guiding clients through the complex world of real estate, leveraging his profound knowledge to help them realize a wide range of real estate ambitions. Whether it involves devising strategic investment opportunities, skillfully negotiating deals, or providing invaluable market insights, Dan’s unwavering commitment to his clients has made him an integral part of the Younger Partners family. His forward-thinking approach and wealth of experience continue to propel success, benefiting both the firm and his highly valued clientele.

B.B.A. in Finance from Texas Tech University