Andrew Boster Selected to 2024 NTCAR Board of Directors

Andrew Boster, Senior Vice President at Younger Partners, has been named to the 2024 NTCAR Board of Directors. Founded in 1993, NTCAR (North Texas Commerical Association of Realtors) exists to enhance the business opportunities of its members through real-time access to critical real estate information, education, recognition and networking events. Members benefit from proprietary industry resources and customized services.

In his role, Andrew hopes to enhance business opportunities by creating favorable circumstances for people to get to know each other and do business together. He values spending time with other board members and appreciates each member’s expansive professional network and knowledge within the industry.

2024 Board of Director / NTCAR

“I believe there are many varying recipes for success,” Andrew says about his membership. “Two key ingredients are education within an industry and involvement within the industry.  Being on the NTCAR board allows me to get to know the people I want to do business with, not just a voice on the phone or a faceless email signature. More importantly than that, service on the board allows me to promote and improve the broad array of NTCAR initiatives which afford members more opportunities for making long-term business connections.”

With his emphasis on a personal touch in business, Andrew demonstrates the importance of putting a face to a business transaction.

“Andrew is the only currently serving board member who exclusively has a land focus. Though it was not intentional, it puts Andrew in a great place to be the household expert on land-exclusive opportunities,” said Younger Partners Executive Managing Director John St. Clair.

At Younger Partners, Andrew is known for cultivating collaborative partnerships between the landowner and developer. His specialty is finding and assembling off-market opportunities for investors and developers in sought-after submarkets in North Texas. Through the years, Andrew’s efforts have proven his ability to focus on an area considered by many to be too picked over, and quickly pull out off-market opportunities with willing sellers, previously unknown to investors and developers. The results of his work are mutually beneficial arrangements between landowners and developers, maximizing returns for both. Andrew’s present-oriented approach and industry knowledge make him a great asset to the NTCAR Board of Directors.