• 100k SF Class A suburban mid-rise
• Challenge: Aging HVAC infrastructure and equipment on      an early 1980s vintage building with extremely high      energy costs, numerous tenant complaints and failing      equipment resulting in high maintenance costs.
• The owner had been told that the entire system had to be      replaced because of age and condition at a cost of almost      $1 million dollars. This would entail a shut-down of each      floor for approximately one week while the existing chiller      AHU was removed and the new chiller AHU was      installed. Due to the building’s design, any new      installation would have equired a hole to be cut into the      curtain wall, the new unit to be cut into sections, crane      installation into the building via new curtain wall opening,      and re-assembly of the unit. Given the over 90%      occupancy of the building, this would have been very      disruptive to the tenants and extremely challenging to      manage. Working with an outside consultant, Younger’s      engineering and operations team developed a solution      that minimized downtime to the weekends only. They      determined that the existing system could be upgraded      instead of having to be replaced. The upgrades included      installation of new frequency drives, higher efficiency      compressors, and valves and controllers to interface with      the new building automation system. The resulting      solution cost less than $400,000, dramatically improved      temperature control and tenant comfort, reduced on-      going maintenance costs, and is projected to reduce      HVAC energy consumption by over 30%. This was all      accomplished with limited to no disruption to the tenants.

"We selected Younger Partners to
  manage a 13 building portfolio
  primarily because of their hands-on
  leadership and the quality of the
  property management team. From
  accounting all the way through
  operations, the transition was
  expertly handled. Greg Grainger
  and the Younger Partners team
  absolutely delivered on their

— Steve Mindlin
     Mindlin Realty Advisors