Dallas Business Journal – DFW leasing brokers stung by moves in-house

There are three reasons why property owners decide to bring their building leasing and

management in-house, said Moody Younger of Younger Partners. Those reasons include saving

money on broker’s fees, increasing the attention on the property and the desire to create a brand

for the building, he said.

“I think this is cyclical,” Younger said. “It happened in the mid-90s and it’s happening now. Part of

that is that there’s been so much growth and consolidation in the service area and it has become

commoditized. Some of that is the industry’s fault.”

There’s a perception from property owners that brokers are spread too thin, or are not focused on

their properties — something the industry has to change, said Kathy Permenter of Younger

Partners. That perception is fueled by some brokerage firms that own competing properties, she


“We haven’t lost assignments, but as far as the third-party portfolio in the market, it’s been

decreasing as property owners go in-house,” Permenter said. “It will come back around.” Full Article – Dallas Business Journal, DFW leasing brokers stung by moves in house