New Park Expanding Dallas CBD Community

The Dallas CBD has seen a surge of projects that should help continue to transform it from a traditional office center to a live-work-play district with an abundance of amenities to draw people back into the urban core. One of these prominent, community-driven projects is the development of Pacific Plaza. This project has been in the works since 2006 when the land was acquired for $9.1 million with bond funds. This community park project will be entirely funded by the non-profit Parks for Downtown Dallas and will showcase both green spaces for activities as well as park amenities for guests. 

We are excited to see this project unfold as Younger Partners has a prime leasing property overlooking the Pacific Plaza development. Our office space leasing, Republic Center, will have a front-row seat to this community development and is a highly desired location for leasing tenants. The new development is also near Fountain Place, a property that we sublease. 

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