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Christen Piazza

Christen Piazza

Property Manager



Christen holds the position of Senior Property Manager at Younger Partners, where she oversees the management of a high-rise complex spanning over 1 million square feet. Boasting a career spanning 12 years in property management, Christen has consistently demonstrated her ability to optimize property performance, elevate occupancy rates, and cultivate satisfaction among both tenants and property owners.

Her professional journey includes tenures at esteemed firms such as Colliers International, where she served as a Property Assistant, and JLL, where she held the role of property administrator. Christen earned her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from the University of North Texas.

Dedicated to fostering robust relationships with tenants, vendors, and ownership groups, Christen is committed to leveraging these connections to augment property value and ensure tenant contentment.


SERVICES: Property Management