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Valeria Guerrero

Valeria Guerrero

Research Manager



Valeria Guerrero has joined Younger Partners as our Research Manager, bringing a wealth of experience and a proven record of expertise in real estate market analysis and strategic insights. With a background in analyzing the DFW real estate market and contributing to thought leadership in the industry, Valeria is poised to make a significant impact on our organization's growth and success.

In her role as Research Manager, Valeria will be instrumental in examining market trends, delivering actionable intelligence, and uncovering opportunities for the benefit of our clients and stakeholders. Her exceptional skills in data analysis, creating compelling presentations, and translating complex information into practical guidance will be pivotal in ensuring our agility and responsiveness in an ever-changing real estate landscape.

Valeria's extensive background includes serving as a Senior Research Analyst at Jones Lang LaSalle, a Property Manager at Jim Lake Companies, and a Leasing Associate within the real estate industry. During her tenure at Jones Lang LaSalle, she honed her expertise in market analysis, strategic business development, and the ability to distill intricate data into valuable and actionable insights, all of which she now brings to Younger Partners.

With Valeria's expertise and strategic vision, we are poised to reach new heights, enabling us to adapt, thrive, and lead in the dynamic realm of real estate. Her contributions will not only enhance our research capabilities but also reaffirm our commitment to delivering the highest level of market intelligence to our clients and partners.

Bachelor of Business Administration Consulting Management
Texas A&M University


  • Licensed Real Estate Agent

SERVICES: Analytics/Marketing