YP’s Tanja Ivandic & Garrett Marler Tackle Alzheimers with BvB

Proud of our own Tanja Ivandic and Garrett Marler. Tanja competed in her rookie year of BvB (Blondes vs Brunettes, which is a powder puff charity football game) and Garrett coached for his second year on Saturday night. The organization’s 2017 event raised more than $650,000 to support finding a cure for Alzheimer’s! #TeamBlonde took home the Dolly Cup. Garrett coached and Tanja made an interception! Here are just a few event photos. #TackleAlzheimers

Team Blonde won the Dolly Cup, which is a cumulative award for the entire season of serving from raising funds to attending events, etc.

Pregame pep talk

Ready to play!

A little intimidation of the opponents never hurts.

Some Younger Partners positivity.

On the field prowess!

Who let a little rain stand in the way of fun and charity efforts! For more on BvB, click here.