Robert Grunnah’s D CEO Column: Musings from the Press Box at the Top of the Ninth

Check out Robert Grunnah’s column in D Magazine entitled Musings from the Press Box at the Top of the Ninth
As we continue through the longest economic recovery period in recent history, most indicators remain level promoting a perceived stability. There appears to be no common agreement on the remaining length of this positive cycle being offered from knowledgeable prognosticators. Most feel a predictable “correction” is inevitable and most seem to be wisely preparing for it.  Industrial, multifamily, Class A office, and hotel construction continues at a record pace, although all are beginning to display moderate discipline with significant decreases in new and planned projects. Stealing a comment from Wayne Swearingen, “Are we really overbuilt, or just over announced?” Earlier periods in similar cycles resulted in major corrections that required severe financial adjustments. Retail construction, perhaps the only slow growth segment, has shown its vulnerability to the obvious internet invader that has a growing, competitive edge.
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Why the Dallas Real Estate Market Is Hot

It’s no secret that Dallas has seen big up cycles in the real estate market before. But this time, things are different. We are seeing existing tenants expand without tacking on extra space they don’t need, as well as monumental corporate relocations to the area. Want to know why experts are calling 2015 the hottest Dallas Real Estate Market in decades?  Our very own, Kathy Permenter, along with some of Dallas’ top industry experts comment on why workers, companies, and investors are continuing to flock to North Texas. Read more here:

Workers, companies, and investors are continuing to flock to North Texas


D CEO ~ March 2014: A Big Shake-up in Dallas Commercial Real Estate

Changemakers at three DFW firms are transforming the business—and gaining market share.

Running a commercial real estate firm in Dallas-Fort Worth is not for the faint of heart. Firms here are at the top of their game, and the competition is fierce. But in a market as big and active as North Texas, there are bountiful opportunities, too. “So much of it comes down to hustle,” says Moody Younger of Younger Partners. “If you have good people and work hard and are honest with clients, you’ll get your share.”


Younger and Kathy Permenter, co-founders of Younger Partners, are part of a new leadership class in Dallas real estate, a group that also includes David Pinsel at Colliers International and Steve Everbach at Cushman & Wakefield of Texas Inc. All have been in their current positions for about two years. Younger and Permenter run their own shop; Pinsel and Everbach were both brought in to turn around the DFW offices of their respective companies. All have proven they have the mettle it takes to compete. Here are some of their strategies.

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